Missing bike


February 7

Dear Editor,

Whilst at Spanish language class I left my very old green Raleigh ladies bike outside the Escola de Musica in Guardamar BUT didn’t lock it (long story).

It must have looked abandoned because when I went back it wasn’t there.

I really don’t think my old bike would be attractive to most people – but I am attached to it.

I want to offer a 50-euro reward to anyone who found it.

Just so people know, this happened on Thursday, November 26 at 11.30.

It is a very old bike in petrol blue with basket and one side pannier and 12 gears, and a double crank derailier.

I have been looking at local auctions and I reported it lost and have the paperwork.

It is not a ‘cool’ or valuable bike and I think it could just be dumped somewhere.

I am offering the reward because it has sentimental value for me and I would dearly love to find it.

Thanks for your help,

Lynda Marshall

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  1. “a double crank derailier”….” one side pannier”…..Blimey, haven’t heard those words since I was a kid many years ago but it was a nostalgic joy to hear again. Hope you get your bike back and can hear that clanking gear change again.

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