Large gas bottle warning


January 15, 2017

Dear Sir
Just a warning note to other readers.
We had a delivery late the other evening in the dark, which was unusual. They normally come in the morning.
Two men instead of the usual one, regular man. We had ordered three large bottles. It was dark, so I was out with them to help. They took out the three empties and left them on the drive.
Took two full ones off the lorry and were about to put one of the empties back in the bottle store.
As I was a publican I am used to the delivery tricks! I told the man and he then took another full bottle off the lorry. If I had not been there I would have been a bottle short for sure!
I now will mark the bottles I have so can keep a check on them…
So please be alert. At €55 per bottle it can get expensive.

Best regards

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