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April 29

Hi there,
Not sure if this old news or worthy of a story but I am currently awaiting my official rental licence (to rent our house out near Torrevieja) which is part of the new legislation.
As there are quite a few delays in receiving the licence from the Spanish authorities, I was keen to see if my insurance company would be prepared to fully insure me in the interim period as I await for the licence approval.
I contacted a local English broker, who are agents for a well-known insurance company, and initially they said yes no problem, until I asked them to put this in writing.
They then backtracked after checking with insurance company and confirmed in writing that they would not be prepared to insure me until the licence had been approved
I then tried another brokers who use the same insurance firm and had a very similar experience with them after initially one of their staff putting in writing that there was no problem!
The broker said that company could not guarantee paying out on certain aspects of the policy… but it was all a bit confusing.
Concerned really that insurance brokers are not up to date with the implications of the new official licence and the impact this may have on making a claim… and could be still selling policies that maybe not fully covered.
Also concerned there may be hundreds of customers either renting their properties out without a licence, or in my case awaiting a licence that may think that they are fully covered with rental insurance, when they may not be.

Peter Davis

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