Jihadi fighters returning


Hillsborough, N.Ireland
November 18

Over 200,000 British soldiers sent to Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001 allegedly to combat terrorism and to keep Britain safe and yet according to research by The Soufan Centre, 425 jihadi fighters have been allowed to return to the UK (as of February 2017).
It doesn’t make sense. The difficulties faced by Shamima Begum in returning to the UK highlighted in the British mainstream media is clearly a sop to public concerns and to conceal the truth. If these jihadi fighters were a danger abroad, why are they seemingly harmless at home?
It’s not only liberalism gone mad, but a bizarre contradiction in policy that leads to doubts about the given reasons for Britain’s military involvement abroad in the first place. Does GCHQ need real terrorists to spy on in Britain to justify their existence instead of having to manufacture their own domestic terrorists?
And/or are Iraq and Afghanistan two more additions to NATO’s global military footprint – putting an increasing squeeze on Russia and China?

Louis Shawcross


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