Insurance company rip-off


January 27, 2016

I have been a customer of my insurance company for 14 years and I have my car and home insurance with them.
I put in a claim for my front door after the big storm we had from Tuesday, January 17 until the Sunday. I’m a pensioner also.
I told them that my front door was swollen and it would not open, so I could not get in or out of it. So I have been having to use my back door and back gate to get out.
So they asked me which day was it I couldn’t get out. Pick a day, she said.
Since I have not been out of my house since it started heavy rain I just said Thursday, that was the day I tried my front door.
She said that it wasn’t 40 litres of rain per square metre. But sent someone to open the door.
He came and he struggled and opened the door, but I couldn’t as I’m not as strong as he was. They said they could ask for a carpenter to come, but I would have to pay for it to be shaved.
I said why am I paying insurance to you if I have to pay for a carpenter to repair my door due to weather conditions? Not my fault.
I have got a quote for a new door, metal €600, which now I have to pay myself. But I know that it has rained more than 40 litres of rain in one square metre on at least one of the days from January 17 in Polop where I live and feel that the companies are just being arsey so they don’t have to pay out.
So next year I will be going with another company. I always thought they were supposed to be a good company, but I see now that they are only interested in your money.
A very dissatisfied customer.

M Scarth
(The name of the company has
been withheld  for legal reasons)

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