March 17, 2016

I thought you might be interested in a story in the Daily Mail today, March 16, ‘Incontinence op that’s wrecked thousands of… women’.
Late last year I had reason to visit my GP regarding a problem suffered by many ladies of a certain age – ‘stress incontinence’. She duly referred me, somewhat warily I must add, for a hospital appointment.
Just before I was due to go I mentioned it to a friend of mine, who is a retired lawyer from USA, who told me there was a large Class Action Case going on there re thousands of women whose lives had been ruined due to a treatment being used there called TVT (a mesh tape used to support the internal organs).
I had my appointment and was duly examined by two young doctors, and after a lot of chatter between them in Spanish, I eventually asked them what they advised. They mentioned surgery. I kept mentioning the procedure that was concerning me. I could not get a satisfactory answer, so in the light of the information I had been given, politely refused. Otherwise, I would have thought it sounded brilliant!
Today I find to my horror that the Daily Mail is running the same story regarding the same problems in thousands of women in the UK, and this has been going on for years apparently. I feel that it is important that this is brought to the attention of ladies everywhere, as according to the article it is a cheaper option than using specialist surgeons’ time as it can be done by less qualified doctors! So obviously in these times of austerity it will probably be a more popular option!
I do hope after reading the article in the Daily Mail and obviously checking your facts on procedures here in Spain, you will feel like me that it is an article important enough to be published.

Many thanks


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