In reply to Malcolm Hardy


July 10, 2017

Thankfully the UK election result, although not giving the Conservatives the majority they had hoped for, at least kept them in government.
If you don’t believe me, check who answers PM Qs. The main support Corbyn has is from the benefit scroungers, and the left- wing rent-a-mob thugs who he and his communist cronies openly support and encourage.
He bribed the young voters, telling them that Christmas has arrived early, and they like idiots believed him, while the truth (as a Labour and Corbyn supporter you may have to check the meaning of that word) is he has not got a clue as to how it would be financed.
Someone should point out to the voters who are now supporting his political views that if communism is so wonderful why was it that the Russians and East Germans resorted to shooting anyone who tried to leave their countries. It never has, and never will work. It is just the envy some people have for the success of others. A good example was in Hamburg last week, where the sick thugs were doing as much damage as they could, including burning cars.
As for Corbyn in No 10, the prospect of it is alarmingly scary, and makes me all the more thankful that I live in Spain.

Leslie Holder

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