Gas related burglaries


September 12, 2017

Dear CBN,
As a long-term tax paying permanent resident of Calpe, I would like to add my opinion to that of Laraine’s (CBN Letters recently). Whilst I agree with most of what she said unfortunately people’s code of dress, or lack of, is not just a Calpe thing it’s just the lack of any sort personal pride and is a worldwide epidemic.
More pressing problems for my partner and myself personally are the unreported spate of gas related burglaries in the Maryvilla Urbanisation of Calpe!
Shortly before our extended holiday away from the madness that is Calpe at peak season, we spent an enjoyable dinner out for my birthday. On returning to our villa, we retired for the night. At 6 o’clock in the morning I was awoken by my partner and informed that we had been broken into and robbed. I got up to find all windows and doors open, drawers at the side of our bed opened with items of value stolen.
It took me a while to realise how this could have happened without our knowledge, we immediately called the local Guardia who promptly came. Having a look outside we found a home made pole with a hook on with which the burglars had fed a gas pipe through the only window that was part open (2 inch) and pumped in a noxious gas via a canister, rendering all residents in villa unconscious (us). Leaving us pretty groggy for three or four days afterwards.
So people do be vigilant even with a reja on your windows, two inches open is enough for these low lives to spoil your week!
Although I have been informed that quite a few people living in Maryvilla have suffered similar break-ins in the last couple of months and as far as I know, it is all unreported. Is it being kept quiet because of the detrimental effect it could have on tourism? Or am I becoming too cynical in my old age. I wonder what would happen if someone died as a result of this, would it still be kept quiet!
While I am on my rant, I should just like to add that the parking problem in summertime Calpe is an absolute joke. We are having more and more high-rise blocks being built here but no proper car parks. We’re continually being informed this is all for the good of Calpe, maybe for once the council should consider the residents of our town and do something for our wellbeing.

Roger Wells.


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