Don’t panic, Mr Mainwaring!


July 5, 2016

Dear Editor
Barely had the votes been verified for the EU referendum and finalised that Britain realised that the “Leave” votes outnumbered those of the “Remain” Party, and therefore, by virtue of something called “democracy”, had won the day. However, certain people of the Remain Party vociferously denied this, and immediately called for a second referendum, barely a day after the result of the first one! So, a new party was being formed, and this was to be called “Let’s have another referendum until we get the result that WE want, and to hell with democracy”.
This becomes a downright insult to those who voted to leave, insinuating that they are all thick and didn’t really know what THEY were voting for anyway. And one may add to that they are somehow “traitors”, and not considered worthy of any major vote. Rather it could be those who, for their own personal reasons, voted to remain, but do such people not have any feelings or commitment to the country or their birth – their “homeland”?
Compare this type of attitude to those 60,000 wasted lives on the first day of the bloody battle of the Somme. It was people like those who went to fight to preserve democracy in Britain, and paid for it with their lives.
And this being almost 100 years to the day before this battle began, and now it begins to look as though their sacrifice, and untold millions of others along the line, has been in vain. Now some people are prepared to return Britain to a vague organisation called the EU with a whimper. This corrupt organisation that hasn’t had its “books” signed off for well over 20 years; this corrupt and inefficient organisation with its untold number of unelected “leaders” who care nothing for Britain, except for the billions of pounds that Britain passes on every year, into many of the pockets and bank balances of such people.
That is the main reason why these want Britain to stay. For at present, Britain is seen as a little country by virtually the other 27 countries (soon to be enlarged), as long as the money is paid on time!
It must be asked now: Where is Britain’s BACKBONE, and COMMON SENSE? They appear to have been “kidnapped” by the Remain Party, and won’t be returned until they can “have another go”.
Of course, virtually all expats, whether in Spain, France, Italy or Greece, will be affected to varying degrees by the new situation, but it’s down to how you handle the situation. There is no point in running around like headless chickens, or else the Samaritans will be in for a very long haul. It is now up to those politicians, business leaders, and yes, even bankers, to prove to the country that they really are worth every last penny of their inflated salaries, and to show the country just how good they really should be.
And don’t let us hear any cries of “We are all doomed,” or “Don’t panic, Mr Mainwaring. Don’t panic.”

N J Whiteside


  1. But we need to be clear what version of democracy we are talking about. About 37% of the voting population voted to leave which means 63% didn’t.
    Britain is, of course, a little country. We should have dropped the title ‘Great’ years ago. It is reminiscent of the distorted memory of our ‘great’ British Empire which was only great for the elite few, while children worked down mines, died in cotton mills and got burned cleaning chimneys.


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