Doggie trouble


June 14, 2017

I am a lover of dogs and animals in general however, i was very pleased to read in your paper last week that Elche Town Hall have decided to crack down on the continued disgusting practice of some dog owner of leaving their pets ‘mess’ on the pavements/roads or in parkland areas!
The fines are a good deterrent but it would work better if the owners’ names were printed/published after they have been caught ignoring the fowling from their pets! What was good to read was that Elche town hall are also ‘fining’ owners for their dogs wee! Let’s face it, urine rots metal posts and stains walls and stinks too!
We are constantly washing away the smell from dogs’ wee but the metal gate post is now damaged after years of abuse – who is going to pay for that I wonder? Why can’t the town hall market poo/wee posts for dogs which will not rot and will not cause offence to owners or business and will stop this disgusting habit of weeing up peoples’ property once and for all.

Carole James-Smith

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  1. My God I have heard it all now, how on earth can you stop your dog from having a wee, when you want a wee madam you have to find a place to go, dogs dont talk and cant ask to be taken to their own garden, I agree of course on the disgusting habit of not cleaning up the poo but would you have people walking around with porta loos for dogs , get a life and we will organise a flag day to buy you a new garden post


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