Diabolical mail service


Ciudad Quesada
August 1, 2017

Dear Sir,
What a diabolical mail service we suffer from in Ciudad Quesada. We had not had any mail for over a week recently and then several letters were delivered on the same day, which was last Wednesday, July 26.
It was obvious that the local post office was accumulating these letters until they decided that they had enough mail to deliver to my street. One of these letters was a birthday card which had a date stamp of 6th July. Needless to say that it was too late for the person’s birthday. This is not the first time either.
A year last May I was chasing two banks in the UK for bank statements which they said that they had sent. After waiting several days, I asked the banks to send them again as they had not arrived. After still not receiving any mail I went down to the local Post Office in Quesada with a translated note with my address on and asked if they had any mail for me.
I had asked to speak to the manager and he came to speak to me and took my note and after a couple of minutes came out again with eight letters for me. I showed him the letters from the banks and said I had been waiting for these. He told me that they had only come in that morning which cannot be true.
We had a similar problem last Christmas when we did not receive any mail in the days leading up to Christmas and then a week after Christmas we received several letters. Most of these were Christmas cards but there were two small padded envelopes with date stamps of December 6 and 8 from the UK. They certainly do not put themselves out in trying to deliver all the mail they have received before Christmas.
I wonder if they are legally allowed to accumulated people’s mail until they decide they have enough to deliver on a certain post round.
Coming from a country that used to have a first and second class mail service and two deliveries per day it is difficult to come to terms with a delivery service which at best is only two deliveries per week and at worse probably one delivery every two weeks.

Ciudad Quesada.


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