Denia train service to Calpe


March 19

Can you please update me as to when this service will restart.
Myself and many other visitors who wish to return to Denia or other stops up to Calpe cannot book a holiday as there is only a bus and I am 85 with two metal hip replacements and use a walking stick to get around.

Thank you for your help Stan
Stanley Ayres

Dear Mr Ayres
I’m afraid the route is still being serviced by buses due to improvement work on the tracks, stations and new units. Work began in November 2016 and was initially scheduled to last two years, but as we published last week, a new contract to upgrade platforms at several station has been authorised and has a maximum execution time of 15 months – meaning it will not be finished until June next year. So far no indications have been given of a partial opening of stretches while the platforms are being upgraded.


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