Cyclists vs motorists


May 20,

Hello Mr Editor,
After reading the article in C.B.N. No 2241 regarding drunken, and /or drugged up drivers in the light of the tragic events that have occurred recently involving cyclists, I felt it necessary to offer my view on what is an all too common flash point.
I have on many occasions found myself stuck behind a bunch of cyclists who are riding at two, and sometimes three abreast. I realise that naturally they are vulnerable, and therefore the law allowing the crossing of a solid white line, when safe to do so, is common sense. However, it must be said, that by them riding in the above manner, shows that they show total disregard for the drivers behind that are going about their daily business. Surely equilibrium must prevail between two, and four wheel travellers. On one occasion in the recent past, I was behind a group, who were constantly passing one another, and taking up virtually the whole of our side of the road. Had they been in single file, I would have had many opportunities to overtake, as would the long line of other vehicles stacked up in convoy behind me. Therefore I gave a hoot out of frustration on the horn, only to be greeted by obscene gestures from the riders at the rear. I feel that it is accepted by all, this type of reaction is exactly what is likely to then escalate into a dangerous situation.
While naturally, I accept that safety rules by motorists towards cyclists must be observed, the law makers MUST include additional rules for them to obey, in order that in return, the motorist is shown some level of courtesy.
I will admit that other than when I was a boy, then teenager, I have not been a cyclist, but have been a driver in many countries for over 50 years.
Therefore, I know how much it costs a motorist to be legally on the road, i.e. the cost driving lessons, the cost of driving licence, taxing, testing, and insuring a vehicle, whereas to my knowledge the cyclist is not obliged to pay anything, but they still appear to ride with the attitude that own the road, and are more important than any other user. This situation, in my opinion needs to be addressed in order to reduce some of the “”Road Rage”” that exists these days on the roads.

G. D. Johnson.

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