Cyclists – Again!



This is not the first time I have had to complain about cyclists in our area – along the CV415 riding three abreast. It doesn’t matter if they belong to a club, it doesn’t matter if they are out for a joyride. What matters is when a cluster of around 10 or 12 cyclists are not only holding up the traffic by riding three abreast so they can chat to their friends, but when one or another decides to overtake the others by entering the oncoming traffic, not by an inch but by at least two feet, some as far as the centre of the lane. It is my belief if they are knocked down, injured or killed it is their own fault. Us responsible tax and insurance paying four-wheel drivers are not to blame. When will the government take some responsibility and charge these riders for the damage they may cause in an accident?
This applies to cycling lanes; if they are there, use them – have a little common sense cyclists.

Linda Garfield

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