Come on Los Alcázares!


April 22, 2016

Yet another bar told to stop live music! This is a holiday town, and part of its appeal is the variety of bars and restaurants, excellent beaches, etc. But… the odd person is not happy about live music, and a complaint is made, and in go the police to turn the music off and spoil the fun for so many, even if it is a party being celebrated.
Surely, if people don’t like the sound of music, or people having fun, do these complainers choose to live in a holiday town or near a bar?
Why not compromise… say live music (subject of course to having the appropriate license) allowed between the hours of say 8pm to 11.30pm, three nights a week. Not unreasonable!
Bars are having to close, entertainers, etc are also finding it hard to make a living, all because a complaint is made. Live near an airport, you get planes; live near a bar, you get noise. So may I suggest that the killjoys go to live in the campo, or in quieter areas… Why should a few be allowed to spoil things for so many. Live and let live… only saying!

Lesley Eburne

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