Car hire woes

October 28
In August, I was over in Spain for four days visiting family in Guardamar. I hired a car from Alicante airport for four days.
I returned the vehicle as arranged to find that I had no one to sign the drop-off of the car, at which I went inside the airport terminal to discover that the desk where I checked the car in was closed.
I then went to the information desk and was dealt with very rudely by the lady, at which I went to the Guardia Civil to inform them that I still had the key to the rental vehicle and needed to hand it back to the company, who were not available, he informed me that he couldn’t help me at this point.
Passengers were heading to the gate for the flight, at this point I was panicking as my Ryanair flight was about to leave, in a last attempt I went to Ryanair desk and they said they couldn’t help me. I had no choice but to go to the gate, as I would have missed my flight, with the key to the car.
Immediately landing at Newcastle I went to the company desk who emailed the Alicante branch about this problem and the fact I still had the key, on which an hour later I was contacted by a lady at Alicante. I told her of my problem she told me not to worry and to send the key back straight away.
I did this, track and trace recorded delivery first class, then two days later I checked my credit card and this company had took £391 or €419 from my card.
I disputed this charge with my bank and they refunded me with this charge but this company has sent me a letter demanding this money this company is corrupt and people need to know.
Steven Ball

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