Can I drive a UK reg car with a Spanish licence?



Hi Graham

I a resident in Spain and have a Spanish driving licence. Am I allowed to drive a non-Spanish (such as UK registered) car?

Nicole, Alicante

Hi Nicole
As is normal, some sources that should be reliable give contradictory information, so I asked our gestor to contact Trafico in Alicante.
Their response was that as long as the car is insured for you to drive it (bearing in mind that in Spain it is the car that is insured and not the driver) and you have written permission from the owner to use the car, this is fine.

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  1. What about if i am the new registered owner and the name on the insurance? I have spanish residency, spanish license, uk national, want to move to back to uk.

  2. Looking to move back to UK from Spain I have a Spanish driving licence looking to buy a UK motorhome to drive back with is this permitted

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