Calpe council and Carole Saunders

May 31
This is a copy of my letter to Anna Sala, expressing disappointment that Carole Saunders was not given a higher status in the recent council elections in Calpe. I don’t know if it is worth reprinting to encourage more expats in Calpe to write to her to show their feelings.
Hi Anna
Congratulations on your new post as mayor of Calpe.
However, I think I speak for many English expats that having voted for your PP party we find that Carole Saunders will probably not be our representative. As I am sure you know Carole is an excellent person to represent the expat community. She is very hard working and very approachable. Many of us only voted for the PP because we wanted Carole to continue with the excellent work that she does. I hope due consideration will be given to this when appointing your new council posts as I don’t think you will be able to rely on the expats vote in the future.
Janet Luxton


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