Britain’s EU membership


June 7, 2016

Dear Editor
All newspapers have a tradition to provide space for readers’ letters. My views, although I think are very true, may not reflect your opinion.
This is why I want Britain to leave the EU. David Cameron keeps on repeating to and brainwashing the British people that we have had peace in Europe for 70 years. Has he forgotten that British forces fought terrorists in Palestine – the Stern Gang, Lehi group responsible for the massacre in Deir Yassin, Malaya 1948 to 1960, Kenya Mau Mau 1952 to 1960, Borneo 1961 to 1966, Cyprus Eoka 1950 to 1960, the massacres in Serbia during the Kosovo War, Falklands War in 1982, Kuwait 1st Gulf War, invasion of Iraq through Blair’s lies, Afghanistan terrorists, Irish terrorists (IRA), Spanish terrorists (ETA), Korean War 1950 to 1953. Tell that to the widows who have lost husbands, brothers, fathers, sons and daughters, buried around the world or brought back in coffins draped with a Union Flag. Civilian men, women and children blown to pieces in aircraft, trains, buses, airports, beaches, hotels, restaurants and bars by terrorists that escape through the net because the EU insist we allow immigrants in.
British jails are overcrowded powder kegs with 13,000 Muslim inmates there for theft, fraud, sexual abuse, rape and murder, including the eight that groomed 1,400 British girls aged six to 16. These men sexually abused and raped them before passing them round for further abuse. The EU says we cannot deport them as their human rights would be breeched.
Our NHS is in crisis, schools and hospitals on the brink of collapse, yet we hand out to the EU £350 million a week, £880 million a year in child benefit to families in other EU countries while their parents are in Britain. Another £589 million bill for Syrian refugees. We have 460 foreign doctors in our NHS from Ghana, Nigeria, Pakistan, India, Malaya and Sudan who have been struck off the British medical register – they were not properly checked out before being allowed to practise in the UK – some were thieves, rapists or paedophiles.
We don’t want our British forces in the EU under the Lisbon Treaty. We don’t want Sharia law in the UK, where already young girls have their genitalia mutilated and are forced into arranged marriages. We don’t want our women groped, intimidated, robbed, sexually abused or raped by a Tamarrush mob of North African and Middle Eastern Muslim men descending on our women like a plague of locusts, as happened in Belgium, Germany and Sweden. We don’t want the EU grabbing the London Stock Exchange. We don’t want open borders. Our children want jobs, houses and safety. We want sovereignty and our country back. Recruit more police to do the job Robert Peel founded them for. Get rid of “Human Rights” and bring back the death penalty. Britain is still a Christian country, so stop any more mosques being built.

Yours sincerely
Joe Billet

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  1. I think is very hypocritical of any one who lives and benefits from living in the EU to deride it. Surely if you think the UK is the best being an isolationist country go and live there, do not parade in the sun and shout down the EU, whilst you live here.
    If you want the UK out the EU at least start living it, and not write letters from Rojales, go do your protests in Reading or Rotherham. My stance is different, let the people be free and live where they want like you do. Is an incredible double standard to be here in EU, and lambast it. If you love the UK, like you describe, go back and stay there.


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