Britain voted to Leave


August 5

Dear Editor,
Some people seem to have forgotten that a Democratic Referendum occurred in the UK. Over three years ago and the choice was a straight YES or NO to Leave the EU. Or to Remain in the EU full stop. No conditions; no percentages, no area by area. No ifs or buts!
The Remain voters didn’t like the result, and promptly threw their toys out of their prams, and have been in an incredible sulk ever since.
Truth is, not enough of them actually voted and so the Leavers won by a considerable margin, although some Remainers say that if the figures can be re-arranged they actually won the vote! They still remember the red bus incident but completely overlook the forecast of 820,000 becoming unemployed; house prices falling dramatically and increasing interest rates!
And as for people demanding a second Referendum (assuming of course that the result would suit them better), there is the group with Messrs. Blair, Brown, Branson Miller, Clegg and Cable along with Campbell and Mandelson. Millionaires all.
Add to that group now the new leader of the Liberal Democrats, Jo Swinson who will do everything in her power to stop Brexit. So why is she in a party with Democrat in its title, when she is looking to overturn a Democratic Referendum vote?
Britain has now become a laughing stock because of this division in its society.
But there is a life outside of the corrupt, inefficient and incompetent EU. It’s called the Rest of the World. For the EU has not had its accounts cleared for over 20 years, yet there are still some who are just not prepared to leave it, but will moan that there is not enough money left for the NHS, schools, transport, care for the elderly and the social services: A choice is just around the corner.
It is between the EU with Michel Barnier (who will soon realise that he has shot himself in the foot with all his bluster, and lack of respect for the British people) and the alternative of Messrs. Corbyn, McDonnell, Watson and the Rachel Riley of the Labour Party Diane Abbott!
What does he, and many other think will happen when Britain withdraws from the EU?
There being 27 other countries in the EU and should the economies of Germany and France take a hit, who then is going to be able to replace their economies, afterwards? As Britain is one of the leading economies in the EU, the loss of its contributions will have a severe impact on the Union itself, and may not recover enough to maintain the EU.
That is why they all want to keep Britain in Europe, but just be careful that Britain is not dragged down with them!
And yes, there are still people who want to see it happen. Could they perhaps be the ‘Doomsters and Gloomsters’ which have appeared in the news just recently?

N J Whiteside


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