Brexit vote


December 27, 2015

Els Poblets,


Dear Sir,

Is it going to be possible for ex pats who have been here many years to vote in the Referendum about membership of the EU.  If any of your readers have the necessary information about this it would be helpful. Unlike your correspondent, Ken Jackson, I want to vote for Brexit and hope that most ex pats will have the courage to do so too. It will be worth a little initial inconvenience to help to free Britain from enslavement to an unelected bureaucracy fixated on the economics of yesteryear and a model of what Hitler or Brezhnev would have imposed had we lost the hot and cold wars. I think the Spanish people would admire us for leaving as indeed they admired Mrs Thatcher’s leadership. That gutsy lady would certainly have taken us once more out of the clutches of Socialist hegemony.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Henham,


Dear Mr Henham

As all our regular readers were informed in our December 27 edition, the House of Lords voted to uphold the 15-year-rule for the referendum. Anyone who has lived outside the UK for more than 15 years will have no say in the matter.


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