Brexit drivel


May 24, 2016

Dear Editor,
I agree completely with your correspondent Roy Eaton Hall (letters, May 20). He has cut through the “drivel” and inflammatory insults being thrown around like confetti by members of the Remain campaign.
In fact, one particular correspondent found discussions on the referendum to be “boring”! What does that tell you about the future of Britain, when this is the most important vote for over 40 years?
However, some questions still need an answer with time fast running out. Exactly what reforms did David Cameron achieve for the greater benefit of the British people?
If it was going to be “catastrophic”, should Britain vote to leave, then why did he call a referendum in the first instance – and 18 months before he first proposed this ballot? Did he not realise that there are around six other countries queuing up to join the elite organisation called the EU? And also, that there are around half a dozen other countries waiting to see the result of the British vote before they begin to push for their own referendums?
This is the first vote on what began as The Common Market 40 years ago, and has now become a shambles. It has grown in to an incompetent monster, “managed by unelected, inefficient, faceless, nameless bureaucrats who want the EU to continue for the sake of their own bank balances, and gold-plated pensions. You may be certain that they will not be losing their jobs or properties, whilst threatening the End of the World for everyone else should Britain vote to leave. Just where will Britain be if the country voted to break free in, say, 10 or 20 years’ time? Would the world really stop spinning and self-destruct?
And while Britain continues to be “caring” to all and sundry, especially to those genuinely in need of assistance, it is becoming ever more overcrowded, witness schools, NHS, social services, transport and utilities. Nor as some have been saying, that such inference is “racist, bigoted, or even xenophobic, when truly it is a statement of fact! It is largely because the “holier than thou” PC Brigade has been stifling “freedom of speech” (anyone remember that?) that this situation has been allowed to flourish to the detriment of the country itself.
Before casting your vote, wherever possible try to look at the future of Britain for your families, your children and grandchildren, beyond the end of next month, year, or decade.
Remember, too, that the EU elite is a fully-paid member of the “Self Preservation Society”, with only its own interests at heart.

N J Whiteside

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