Brexit deal

October 14
When a Brexit deal suddenly looked like a distinct possibility, it was interesting to see the change of tactics adopted by establishment Remainers. Instead of sanctimoniously insisting that Boris Johnson obeys the law in the form of the Benn Surrender Bill, they are now insisting on a second referendum or confirmatory vote as a delaying tactic.
In 2016, we were told that the first referendum would be decisive, but now the Remainers tell us that we didn’t know what type of Brexit we were voting for. It was implicit that a Leave victory meant that the government of the day would negotiate the best deal that it could.
The reasons that it has taken three years to get this far include having a Remainer (Teresa May) take charge of our negotiations and having her fellow Remainers sabotage our negotiating position.
If the Remainers were to get their way and force a second referendum, I can’t imagine what lengths they would go to in order to frighten the electorate to vote Remain. Project Fear would be intensified.
We would again be told that there would be a plague of frogs and be threatened with the death of all first born. Ridiculous predictions about the total collapse of British industry would be broadcast unrelentingly by the Brussels Broadcasting service (BBC).
It is now known that the stance of EU negotiators changed abruptly when the Benn act was made law. Any concessions that they were considering were suddenly withdrawn.
A referendum will take at least six months to organise whilst a general election can be over in six weeks. So why don’t we have a general election now? The Fixed Term Parliament act effectively means that the Labour Party have to agree to it. Their reasons for not doing so are confusing and can only be interpreted as ‘They are running scared.’ A general election now would see the number of Labour MPs reduced to such a low number that their leader would have to resign. In a few months’ time folk would be asking; Jeremy Who?
Chris King


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