Bremain in Spain comments on Windrush


April 19, 2018

The recent Windrush scandal has brought condemnation of the government’s supposed “hostile environment” policy from politicians and the media alike. From Labour MP David Lammy’s moving speech in the House of Commons to Guy Verhofstadt speaking in defence of citizens’ rights in the European Parliament, the condemnation of Home Office policy has been united and forceful. Bremain in Spain (, an organisation campaigning for the rights of British citizens in Spain and the EU, also condemns Windrush.
Sue Wilson, Chair of Bremain in Spain, says: “Our sympathies are with those poor families, those British families, that are being treated as undesirables. They were invited by the British government and have made their homes in the UK in good faith. They have contributed to the wealth and diversity of the UK. We should be grateful for the contribution they have made to British society.”
Wilson continues: “It’s no wonder that EU citizens are increasingly fearful of their fate at the hands of this callous government. Groups such as the 3Million are rightly concerned that their families, who decide to stay in the UK, will suffer the same future fate. Brits living in the EU are naturally concerned that any negative actions by the UK against the British immigrant population would be reciprocated by the EU.”
Wilson concludes: “I used to be proud of the country that raised me. I always believed that the diversity of British society was a huge positive, and we could rightly claim to be a tolerant and welcoming country. The Brexit referendum changed that for the worse. May must take responsibility – not just as Prime Minister but also for her shameful policies while acting as Home Secretary.
Living as I do in Spain, I could easily walk away and wash my hands of this whole sorry affair but I won’t. We must keep fighting to restore the British values which prevailed, and to protect all British citizens, no matter where they live or where their families originated. The Windrush families are as much a part of British society as I am, as you are, as Theresa May is. They deserve our respect, our gratitude and our support.”

Bremain in Spain

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