Benidorm and its two faces – a shame


September 25, 2017

We spoke and denounced on behalf of the almost 400 residents, abandoned to their fate in a specific block of a very emblematic apartment complex in Benidorm – Playmon Fiesta Urbanisation. The authorities not only continue to look the other way, they also breach their duty and legal obligations, as well as current laws and municipal ordinance rules.
We want to denounce publically that in our much-loved Benidorm (Costa Blanca), there exists a building with nearly 500 apartments where coexistence is impossible, there is vandalism, crime, drugs, prostitution, no security, threats, theft, dirt, illicit hook-ups to electricity and water supplies, including Wi-Fi networks, tax fraud, defaults, etc.
The relevant banking entities, authorities, and municipal and local authorities will not take responsibility. There are burned-out homes, occupied apartments, drug addicts, diseases, common areas have been destroyed, elevators are out of service due to lack of payment.
There is a total lack of respect for coexistence amongst some of the neighbours, there are clans enriching themselves with the sale of drugs on almost every floor of the building in plain sight and with the knowledge of the authorities, who we pay with our taxes.
In addition to the social problems and education of children and young people, of different nationalities, who grow up here without a concrete future. Where is the social and cultural occupation and integration?
What do social services, town council, councillors, especially police, those responsible for caring for and protecting our neighbours, do? Nothing!
There have been no limit to the multiple problems here. We want everyone to know the real situation with photos, especially official organisms, and the national and international press.
We hope that someone with courage and personality will be concerned enough to take action leading to a civilised coexistence between the neighbours and the tourism sector of Benidorm. The solution alternatives are many; action must be taken now!
We cannot allow this to happen in our lovely Benidorm!

The neighbours of Benidorm

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