Dear Editor,
I felt it was time to comment on the lack of car
parking in Calpe or as people are now calling it Beni Calpe.
Having come to Calpe for over 30 years, I have seen a decline of once a lovely small fishing village to an over developed town of high-rise apartment blocks of 30 stories and still counting.
The question must be asked: Who gave permission for all this development? If it is successive councils, why on earth did they not think of PARKING first?
What a mess the town is now in. Nowhere to park if you wish to shop or visit the town centre.
It is now only May and nowhere to park within a kilometre of the centre. No wonder people are now going to other towns in the area to visit the local markets and shops.
I appeal to the Calpe councillors to now sort out the big parking problem although I fear it may be too late. Maybe after the coming local elections and hopefully new councillors are installed, they will urgently look at the parking problem and not sit on their hands as usual and do nothing.
Calpe must be raking in loads of money from council taxes with all this new building, so get and spend it on parking.
Yours sincerely,
David Farmer


  1. There is a car park next to the Casa de Cultura, under the plaza. It is less than 100 metres from the centre and whenever we have parked there it has been more than half empty. When you say that there is no parking, do you mean “free parking”? The charges here are very reasonable for a safe, clean car park with toilets and a man on duty during the day.


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