Begging your Padrón


March 17

I am still confused by ‘Padron’ regulations as stated in last week’s CBN.
When I came to Spain and purchased an apartment some four years ago, to use for 6 months a year. I did not need a ‘padrón’.
When I went to purchase a car over here I was told by the garage that they needed me to be on the ‘padrón’, so duly I joined.
When I went to change car I was not required to show ‘padrón’.
After a year or so I had a letter asking me to re-register on the ‘padrón’,
So I duly went, only to be told that as I was not living here all year I do not qualify.
So I am no longer on the ‘padrón’ and the council lose out any funds.
As I have already stated, I’m only here for 6 months, so this seems to me we don’t count.
We still need street lights and use all the refuse bins etc. in the time we are here and the council collect nothing, so stop whinging about lack of funds and let us all join.

Many thanks,
John Felix


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