Be carefull what you wish for


April 26, 2016

Long-term British expats campaigning for the right to vote in the forthcoming EU referendum should be careful what they wish for if they believe their combined votes would strengthen the ‘remain’ campaign.
Along with many other expats I know, I would vote to ‘leave’ if permitted.
Being outside the EU doesn’t seem to impact the Swiss or Norwegians (of which there are many living on the Costa Blanca) and any negatives imposed on British expats would likely be minimal as the impact would be far more damaging to the fragile economies of Southern Europe.


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  1. Well,…. Ir looks like you are living in lalaland.

    As you can see, ALL the the cities with a big concentration of expats are by far the poorest cities in Spain…. As the average British pensión is very low (take in mind that the average Spanish state pensión is over 1000 euros/month) …. So at this moment most of the British pensionist are a burden to the Spanish state (the Oxford university extimated a 5000 million euros/year the cost to the Spainish Health system of the British expats to by the case “económic inmigrantes”).

    That is why,… The less generous but moré money oriented NZ, Australia, USA, dont want the average British expats

    Immigration New Zealand did not have a fixed retirement policy, and did not accept British migrants over the age of 56.
    It requires at least NZD $750,000 (approximately £375,000) in qualifying investments, as well as NZD $500,000 (£250,000) for maintenance, and an annual income of at least NZD $60,000 (£30,000) from pensions and other investments. This visa can be renewed after two years, provided that settlers continue to meet the criteria”

    Saludos,…. And dont drink too much.

  2. yea vote leave and have to pay 160 euro a month for health care!! And have to take a Spanish driving test! Thats the law in SPAIN NOW applies to all non EU citizens, except those governments that have negotiated a different deal, I can see the UK doing that for us EXPATS NOT.


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