Banking problems


March 4

I write in response to ‘Bank problems?’ in your March 1 issue.
We have had the same experience with BBVA as your correspondent. We received the email just before Christmas with the threat of closing our account by Jan.15 if we did not supply all the required documents, in Spanish, prior to that date.
We were at home in Spain but even so could not comply by the due date (if ever!). We closed our account, moved to a different bank and had to spend many hours/days changing our 17 direct debits.
It was worth the pain. BBVA do not deserve our custom if they are prepared to treat long standing, (15 years), profitable customers with such cavalier disrespect.
Also, yesterday, I received an email from friends in England who are currently being treated in the same way by BBVA. They are having to come out to Spain in 2 days’ time in an attempt to resolve the problem.
We wish them luck!

C. D. Corbett


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