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March 27, 2016

In response to: NJ Whiteside, 25-31 March 2016

Dear Editor,
Would like to agree very much to NJ Whiteside’s letter (25-31 March, CBNews).

The referendum is not about which ‘party’ one belongs to – ref: J. Johnson remark about my “colours”. It’s about Britain! The future not now, not in a year or two, far beyond that. This is a crucial vote for the well-being of Britain as a nation for the 21st century. I do not give a damn which party runs the country as long as it gives a fair “wack” to all! As, let’s face it, Cameron is desperate to please everyone in Brussles except UK!
Corbyn – well, cannot imagine how he would react under the present situation. Maybe he’ll join Cameron in the Canary Isles and sharpen his pencils.
The quality of life is sadly fading in Europe. The low wage syndrome will never push up the GPD in a lot of countries in the EU for a very long time. The substantial immigration to our shores will only subscribe to the fundamental situation regarding any future progress to look forward to. And that will be the overall problem! People need more disposable income in order to purchase and afford commodities in turn which will sustain growth and expansion. The red tape tied to small start-up businesses right across the board is stifling. The bureaucratic process is too lengthy and time-wasting just because someone in a plush office in Brussels has to give their stamp! Then it goes back to the original instigating office for yet another stamp! Whatever happened to the fast-track start-up plan.
The EU has proven calamitous. It is an economic disaster. Trying to keep Britain in the EU is floundering. We cannot feed nor home the mass of desperate people we currently have in the existing countries of the EU! The food banks are desperate for more help, more materials, etc. This is before any other input of mass emigre. And let’s be clear here, there will be millions more.
If anyone out there has any ideas about how these extra millions can be accommodated I would be so pleased to hear, as myself, I can only use my old-fashioned common sense.
When my cup is full – it’s full! Do not be afraid of the scaremongers! They are mostly people who never take chances in life; everything has to be clear visioned! When real life is not at all like this. We were not called Great Britain for nothing! Can you imagine the UK saying to everyone who is working there from mainland Europe, oh we’re not in the EU so sod off! Likewise, just think of the absence of revenue the Spanish would lose should they think the same. We will not be abandoned. As the Spanish will not be either in UK. Remember the fear for IT bugs! In the run-up to 2000! Just a couple of glips! The what if’s, the maybe’s or could be’s, the same people whom would have gotten us into the euro! It was a master stroke for GB to maintain the pound. Others now only wish they could have done the same. Just ask the Dutch, German, Irish, French, Greece, etc, would they have liked to still have their own currency!

R Eaton Hall


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