Agreeing with PDT agreeing with Paul Gordon

May 3
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Absolutely right PDT. But remember we naughty British nationals have chosen to live outside that grim little island which is our home country, and we must be punished.
We were supposed to have our right to vote reinstalled but, oh dear no time left for that to be debated and passed. We shall soon be like stateless people, with no rights in any country to vote or have a say in our future conditions.
Of course, we can return to the (dis)United Kingdom where perhaps there will be tents set up on Salisbury plain or Dartmoor and we can establish a British refugee camp, since many retired people will not be able to afford their own home. And, we can join the queue for welfare benefits, something none of us have had if we are legal residents here.
Our Prime Minister recently served as a monitor in her upmarket constituency, giving out water to those taking part in a marathon there. How very admirable, and I say this as a previous Tory voter and ex member of the British Armed Forces.
Instead, I suggest she spend a day dishing out supplies at a food bank that young families have to access to feed their children.
This is the 21st century, surely the British public who voted for Brexit, do realise that the world does not stop at the English Channel and if we ever encounter an alien from another planet, will we ask if ‘he’ has a current new British blue passport & of course ‘he’ must speak English. Just a thought.


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