A real Black Friday!!!

December 2
We had breakfast Friday, then the electric went off. Notice none! But we found out a notice has been up the week before, but the wind blew it away.
We went out knowing we could return at 13.00 and get home because the lifts would be working, as five floors would have been too much for us. At 13.00, we came back but decided to call in to Consum for two items I needed.
We parked in front of the doors and came out five minutes later to find the passenger door window smashed and my bag gone. People were in and out of the supermarket all the time but saw or heard nothing!
We called police who arrived an hour later but told us we had to report it at the police station. Which we did. I was told in good English that we needed a translator with us. We had no one, our lady we have use for fifteen years was on a cruise and two others were away.
We called at the insurance office for help and they sent us to Clear Glass in Ondara, who when we rang sent us an email with times and directions, so we arrived at 16.20 when the place should have been open to find that they had shut at 14.00 deciding to have an early day.
We were left all weekend with an unsecure car having cleaned out the glass ourselves knowing there is no emergency locally for this situation. This was our black Friday… how was yours.
Margaret Carney


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