Have your say on the Brexit


By Dave Jones

WITH Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron setting the date for the in/out referendum on the European Union for June 23, expats in Spain have had their say on whether the UK should remain a member state.

Read all the comments in Friday’s Costa Blanca News.



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  1. Don’t let the eurosceptics decide your future as an expat in Spain. Register to vote if you meet the 15 year limit. If not, speak up and defend your rights as an EU citizen. The outspoken eurosceptics want our country to leave the world’s most successful trading block and take an unecessary leap into the unknown.

  2. stop thinking of your self and think of the big picture for once…me me me ….open your eyes and see the EU is at breaking point in every way possible..you want to be ruled by others then you sir are a sheep …


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