Brexit maths



July 12, 2016


I do not understand your mathematics. Do you understand mathematics?  You say basically “46,501,241 registered voters, only 37.44% actually voted leave, therefore 62.56%  DID NOT VOTE LEAVE“. If this was true, remain would have won?  Sorry, common sense dictates that 46,501,241 did not all vote, in fact 33,577342 (including blank and no readable) did.  17,410,742 voted to leave and 16,141,241 remain (one of the highest turnouts for voting). This then is a majority of 1,269,501 more people voting to leave – not to be sniffed at!  For an even clearer view, there are nearly 400 constituencies of which approximately 264 voted leave, 127 voted remain. Big difference! Then the whole of Scotland and Gibraltar chose remain – try taking them out. So if you care to look at the BBC news on the referendum you will see the bulk of England chose to exit!

I spent hours poring over facts and figures before voting, as a lot of people with brains did. Did you? Or did you just listen to people at the bar?

Most of the pensioners I spoke to in Spain voted remain, some admitted they were only interested in themselves being able to stay in Spain (healthcare)? Not the context of the referendum or their family back in the UK….

If the EU cannot look after the people in 28 countries in danger when one leaves it, just compounds what I learnt about the EU.

I also do not like to be called within a group “rabble rouser”, as the only rabble rousers are the remain camp. Who to me are unruly, none democratic, uneducated, spoilt brats and if the cap fits wear it.  I am not normally a nasty person but your letter tells me to retaliate in the same vein.

Ashamed to be British? Well, make yourself a Spanish national and stop insulting the majority of the British people with your lack of facts and intelligence.

I will not add any more as I realise some people have cloth ears.

Ashamed of some individuals

Barbara Howman

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