Congrats on Paul Gordon’s article


Alfaz del Pi
April 28

A para that I thought was very relevant and should be considered by everyone who calls the referendum result ‘the will of the people’.
‘…the results of the 2016 referendum were very close with less than 4% of difference between Leave and Remain. With such a narrow majority no responsible government should embark on a radical plan of major far-reaching constitutional change affecting the country for generations to come.’
If the UK citizens living/working in Europe had not been disenfranchised, unable to vote on a matter that affects them perhaps more than any other group of citizens,then the vote may have been very different.
Should there be a second referendum then all the facts, the for and against, should be clearly stated first and as I understand it 40% of those with a vote last time did not use it.
Perhaps they will. if there is a next time. now events have shown how important the result would be.


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