Water strategy chaos

After spending €620m building desalination plants, the province still cannot guarantee water supplies

The Carboneras desalination plant, one of the largest in Europe is operating well below its full capacity

By David Jackson

Almería has found itself in the disturbing situation of having spent €620m building five desalination plants that nobody wants to use while facing a water shortage this year of 73 billion litres.

The Carboneras desalination plant, which opened in 2005, but was only finally fully connected to the water infrastructure of the Levante late last year, can produce 42 billion litres of fresh water a year, but produces just 20 per cent of that due to lack of demand.

The new desalination plant in Balerma was finished six months ago but still has not opened.

Another plant in Cuevas has been closed since it was damaged in the 2012 floods, and there is still no budget for repairs to be carried out. And a privately owned plant in Níjar has closed down due to pending lawsuits.

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