Turre’s ‘power to the people’ gambit flops

Participatory budget proposals garner fewer than 80 votes, as mayor Morales waters down town’s most urgent public works projects

Mayor Morales stands on Turre’s main avenue, the Avenida de Almería

By Richard Torné

Turre’s participatory budget scheme appears to have failed after fewer than 80 residents submitted proposals to the council, Costa Almería News can reveal.

The scheme, which was launched last July, a month after Sr Morales was sworn in as mayor, was meant to involve the public more directly in the decision making process by allowing residents to submit and vote on public works schemes.

Late last year the first proposals were presented, but only 71 residents voted amid concerns that the questionnaire inhabitants had to fill in was confusing and written in Spanish only.

Sr Morales admitted the initiative had failed to capture the public’s imagination during the first try out. Speaking to Costa Almería News, he said: “I’m not happy with the size of participation, but on the plus side the proposals that were submitted were very reasonable and logical.”


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