Turre council in disarray

Martin Morales expels fellow councillor from Somos Turre, leaving the ruling coalition in minority

Councillor María Cervantes has been expelled from the Somos Turre party

CA News Reporter


The ruling coalition in the Turre council has found itself in a minority position after leader Martín Morales expelled a fellow councillor from the Somos Turre group in a surprise move reportedly ordered by the left wing IU party and its partner party Somos Mojácar.

The decision to expel councillor María Cervantes from the Somos Turre grouping was signed by the provincial IU party head, Rosalía Martín and Oscar Gagliardi from the Somos Mojácar party, and counter-signed by the Turre’s IU co-ordinator, David Ruiz Plaza.

The two parties claim to control the Somos branding in a coalition and thus have control of the Turre citizens’ association.

Turre’s town clerk warned in a legal briefing that due process did not appear to have been followed and that she was unable to verify the powers of the signatories to expel councillor Cervantes, but Mayor María López proceeded in any event.

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