Thieves break into pound to steal pit bulls

Opposition warns of lax security following second major incident in six months as Almería council suggests robberies are happening because ‘dangerous dogs are not being put down’

One of the stolen dogs - but this one was found alive and well shortly afterwards

By Richard Torné

Opposition parties in Almería city have called for greater security at the municipal pound after two potentially dangerous dogs were stolen during the night last week.

Thieves broke into the shelter last Tuesday (May 30) and made off with two pit bulls. One of the dogs was found safe and well in a field within hours, but the second one is still missing, sparking fears it may end up being used in illegal dog fights. The incident was all the more poignant as both were due to be re-homed the following day.

It is the second major break-in at the shelter in six months. Last December, a puppy was tortured and killed by intruders who also stole six dogs, five of which were classified as potentially dangerous.

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