Tax office reveals biggest debtors in Almería

More than €200 million is owed to the inland revenue by companies in province

Hotel impresario Miguel Rifá (right) once welcomed President Rajoy (c) to his Grand Hotel in Almería, but has since fallen from grace owing tens of millions in unpaid taxes

By David Jackson

The tax office has published its annual list of companies which as of December 31 of last year owed in excess of €1m in unpaid taxes.

The publication is known as the ‘Montoro list’, after the politician who devised the idea of publicly shaming businesses which failed to pay.

Across the province, 62 companies owe more than €206 million to Hacienda (the Spanish tax office). This is a slight improvement over last year’s list, according to an investigation carried out by this newspaper. In 2015, more than 80 companies across Almería owed in excess of €237 million in unpaid taxes.

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