Sorbas cliff-top houses ‘at risk’

Opposition warns of potential collapse from persistent water leaks while mayor denies damage

The PSOE claims houses on the edge of the cliff are in danger of subsiding

By Emma Randle

Water leaks in Sorbas have provoked fears that parts of the town built on the edge of a precipice may collapse if flooding continues.

The town’s opposition Socialist PSOE party has launched a bitter attack on the right wing Partido Popular council this week, accusing it of “doing nothing” to prevent a “risk of collapse” after areas in El Afa and Alfarerías were flooded last week.

A burst water pipe led to a rupture in the road surface in the Alfarerías district while the PSOE claims leaks have also contributed to a rock fall in the part of the cliff that supports houses above the river bed that encircles the town.

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