Plea bargain deal for Albox developer

Brit-owned homes saved after prosecutor drops charges against head of Procoal Villas

AUAN president Maura Hillen (second from left), lawyer Gerardo Vázquez (centre) and affected home owners stand outside Almería’s city of justice courts

By Richard Torné

A developer who built and sold 98 illegal properties to Britons in Albox will not go to prison as part of a plea bargain deal with the prosecutor, CA News understands.

Builder Juan Francisco Alarcón Herranz, the head of Procoal Villas, Proyecto y Construcciones Almanzora and Empire Villas, built the homes on non-urban land without planning permits in the neighbourhood of El Romeral-La Ajambra between 2004 and 2006.

Aside from being charged with planning offences, for which he faced six years and nine months in prison, he had also been accused of tax evasion. But at the trial hearing last week in Almería city, lawyers reputedly reached a deal after Sr Herranz conceded that he had built the homes without planning permission.

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