Partaloa estate agent vanishes

Clients’ internet anguish over missing euros paid in deposits

Annika van der Pluijm is understood to be missing

By David Jackson

Prospective home buyers in Partaloa and Cantoria are in a panic after a real estate agent is understood to have vanished, leaving questions over what happened to their deposits.

Purchasers have been filling local forums with urgent questions after Annika van der Pluijm, a 37- year-old Dutch national who ran the online business Inmobiliaria Partaloa stopped answering her phones.

Her website has been disconnected and says only that “the business is under investigation by the Guardia Civil”.

Online posters wrote to say that they had deposited tens of thousands of euros with Ms van der Pluijm as deposits for homes in the Cantoria district of El Fas and Partaloa.




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