Oria in shock at teenage girl murder

Fatal shooting by local man leaves family devastated

The mayor and councillors of Oria in a minute’s silence for the death of Fatima

By Emma Randle

A 19-year-old Moroccan woman was shot dead at the door of her home in Oria last Sunday by a 28-year-old man in an apparently motiveless attack.

The tragedy occurred around 3.30 pm on March 6, when the attacker, identified as Tomás G.R., knocked on door of the house where the victim, Fatima, lived with her parents and siblings on San Marcos street.

According to the victim’s sister, Tomás G.R. asked for their mother and Fatima, who opened the door in her pyjamas, told him she was working. He then shot Fatima twice in the chest with a shotgun, killing her on the spot.

Tomás G.R., who has previous convictions for the supply and cultivation of drugs and was stripped of his gun licence, was arrested by the Guardia Civil shortly afterwards at the house of a neighbour who held him there after he confessed to the crime.

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