Mayor’s ‘rude’ hubby cleared

Insult to opposition at Cantoria council meeting not a crime

Mayor Sánchez and (inset) her husband Antonio Cerrillo before his fall from grace

By Emma Randle

The regional high court (TSJA) has cleared the husband of Cantoria’s mayor of committing a legal offence after he was fined by a local court for insulting a member of the opposition in a council meeting.

Antonio Cerrillo, from the Socialist PSOE party and husband of mayor Puri Sánchez, was taken to court by right wing Partido Popular spokesperson José María Llamas for calling him an “idiot”.

The incident happened in April 2016, when Mayor Sánchez expelled her husband from the meeting after reportedly telling him off twice for the insult.

Sr Llamas lodged an official complaint with the Guardia Civil, saying Sr Cerrillo had “insulted and threatened him” on other occasions, including in the street.

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