Government to close popular airport

Minister says ‘it makes no sense’ to operate both Murcia-San Javier and Corvera

San Javier's closure looks more certain following the minister's announcement

By Nuria Pérez

The national government in Madrid has stated that the as-yet unopened airport at Corvera will serve the Murcia region – and there is no room for Murcia-San Javier in their plans.

This is their blueprint if state airport company AENA is given the green light to run Corvera airport, according to minister for public works, Íñigo de la Serna.

He announced on Tuesday that his department has submitted the necessary technical and financial bids to run the airport. The offer includes the cost of moving all flights from San Javier to Corvera.

Following this announcement, Sr de la Serna revealed that he favoured closing passenger operations at San Javier.

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