Go bare-chested at your peril

Beach revellers could be fined up to €1,000 for 'showing off' muscles in street as part of Mojacar's polemical new 'anti-social behaviour' by-law

The council says the by-law aims to prevent scenes like this one along Mojacar's beach front

By Richard Torné

Mojacar council has approved a controversial new bylaw banning ‘offensive’ fancy dress and walking bare-chested in the streets.

The bylaw, which is set to come into effect next month once it is published in the official provincial bulleting (the BOP), will ban fancy dress and clothing if it is deemed offensive, as well as swimwear away from beach areas. The measures, aimed at tackling ‘anti-social behaviour’, will also see restrictions on ball games and skateboarding, with offenders facing fines of up to €1,000.


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