Dog killer convicted

Dog beater Rodriguez on trial in Almería

A youth accused of kicking a dog to death in the Cuevas del Almanzora village of Alhanchete two years ago has been found guilty in court in Almería this week.

Francisco Flores Rodriguez, who was 18 at the time of the incident, kicked and beat the dog, a 10-month-old mastiff called Tuba belonging to his 85-year-old neighbour after it strayed into his garden.

British neighbours drove the distraught owner and the dog to a vet in Vera, but the dog died later that night from internal bleeding.

The incident caused a public outcry and animal rights association Equinac brought the case against the youth for animal abuse.

Rodriguez has been sentenced to a suspended 11 month prison term, a two year ban on working with animals and ordered to pay costs and compensation.

An Equinac spokesperson said: “We are very happy with this result which sets a good precedent for animal abuse cases.”


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