Dance music festival pumps €6m into economy, say organisers

Record attendance figures offset by major clean-up headache

Not everyone was happy with the festival. Some have claimed refuse collection left a lot to be desired

By Richard Torné

The Dreambeach dance music festival ended in Villaricos this week amid record attendance figures.

According to the organisers, 160,000 people flocked to the four-day festival – a 15 per cent increase compared to last year’s event, although it was also a day longer.

Organisers claimed the local economy benefited by some six million euros and attributed the success of the festival to a new staging area located closer to the public campsite as well as the draw of having top artists such as rapper 50 Cent and a more spectacular light and sound show.

However, as revellers trickled back home on Monday there were rumbles of discontent from locals, mostly about the standard of refuse collection.

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