Cuevas cable ski flop

Rowing canal remains empty months after council heralded new dawn for troubled complex

Water and silt from a broken mains pipe has been seeping into the rowing canal for days as the site remains derelict

By Richard Torné

Cuevas council’s highly trumpeted plans to transform the town’s disused rowing canal and turn it into Europe’s leading cable skiing facility looks no closer to becoming reality months after a contract to run the installation was awarded to a Polish-owned firm.

The local authority announced in July that Luna Cable Park had been granted a 35-year licence to run the “biggest cable skiing installation in Europe”, stating that the complex could be up and running by November following a €1.7m refurbishment.

But almost four months on the site remains empty, with no sign of staff or the 600-metre long cable ski mechanism. In addition, there is now a major water leak to contend with, due to a broken pipe which has been spilling silt into the canal for more than a week.

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